Gregory Young began his amateur boxing career at the age 18. From 1975 to 1979 he had75 wins, 14 knockouts and 4 losses. At age 20 he won the US Amateur Golden Gloves Championship. The 1980 Boycott of the Olympics by former President Jimmy Carter eliminated his Olympics debut and hopes of competing in the 1980 Olympics. In May of 1980, Greg begin boxing as a professional boxer out of South Florida with a record of 9 straight wins, 5 by knockouts and 4 by decision. He then went on to win the Florida Welter Weight Championship, Southeastern Championship and in 1983 ranked # 6 in the world in the Welter Weight Division. His professional boxing record: 24 wins and 8 losses. On August 30, 1986 Greg married Dorothy Bell and had six children, four sons and two daughters. After retiring in 1987, he served as a boxing instructor in Orlando, Florida with FrontLine Outreach Youth Center, Church Street Gym. On September 1, 1989 the family moved  to Birmingham, Alabama. He has also worked as assistant trainer/coach with Round-1 Boxing Club in Hoover, Alabama. In 1999 Coach Greg established the Fight 4Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry under the umbrella of Young Life of Alabama. Five years later, August 19, 2004 Fight 4Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry was established as its own entity and approved as a 501 (c ) (3) Nonprofit Organization in an effort to reach out to troubled youth in Birmingham and surrounding communities. Along with his partner/wife, Dorothy, Coach Greg has taken the opportunity to use his boxing experience and their Love for Christ to help young boys and girls of all ages learn to enjoy life and seek a life of success through programs offered at Fight 4Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry, Inc.


Dorothy Young, born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, attended Lively Technical Community College in Tallahassee, Florida, majoring in Administration and Managerial Accounting. After graduation she began working with the city of Tallahassee, Florida in the Community Improvement Fair Housing Unit. In 1983 she moved to Orlando, Florida and began working with the Orlando Police Department in Records and ID. In 1986 married Gregory Young, they have six children and on September 1, 1989 moved to Birmingham, Alabama. In July 1993. she graduated from Herzing College in Birmingham, AL. For the past ten years she's worked side-by-side with Coach Greg sharing their Faith and Love for Jesus Christ with children of all nationalities and ages. Together through academics, mentoring group sessions and the fitness and boxing ministry they are able to help young boys and girls of all ages learn to enjoy life and seek a life of success.


Arturo Aguilar, Sr. is married with three children, two girls and one son. He has been an exceptionally active parent at Fight 4 Life for the past five years. For the last two of those years he has volunteered offering much needed assistance at competitions and in the gym. Coach Arturo, Sr. is a very proud father of his son for all his accomplishments in and out of the ring. His son, Arturo Aguilar, Jr. is one of our most promising junior boxers with a record of 8 wins, 3 by way of TKO and 2 losses. He is very thankful for his wife as she nurtures their children with great love and spiritual guidance. “Persistence, steadfastness, and hope helps to build up and encourage those who may be feeling down and needs understanding in a moment of desperation, says Coach Arturo Sr. This is what Assistant Coach Arturo Aguilar, Sr. brings to the table. He began his amateur boxing career in 1997 in San Diego, California. He has volunteered his time and coaching skills for the past two years and is well respected. July 28, 2015 Arturo Aguilar Sr., received his official Coach’s book from the US Amateur Boxing Federation Association. This book not only recognizes Mr. Aguilar as a certified coach, it also allows him to represent F4L at all sanctioned USA State, Regional and Nation Tournament Events.

William Weldon

His father was a boxer in the Navy and continued to box when he got out. During those days they would fight for small purse of about $100, which was substantial those days. His dad had a style where he would cover up and cut off the ring to get in body and headshots. Eventually they matched Sheldon with a guy, Henry Baker, who was the neighborhood bully. That day he found out when you put on the gloves all of those bully tactics didn't matter. His dad told him if he beat Henry Baker. he would buy Sheldon some gloves. Well at the end of the day, Sheldon ended up with two pairs of gloves. He went on to box in the Navy, just like his father. Continuing to box after getting out of the Navy as well. But something different that worked in his favor, was his love for fitness, especially during a time before people became health conscious. He stresses to the guys in the gym now to stay fit, work hard and the rewards are awesome. He enjoys working with these young men to see the seed grow from teaching and guiding. Sheldon believes if you do the right thing to put God first, listen to your trainer then things will be in your favor. The rewards are awesome.

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