When we moved from Orlando to Birmingham, we already had the idea of mixing boxing and ministry in mind. Thus, Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry, Inc. was born. In the beginning, people told us we should change our organization name, taking “ministry” out. They told us, “the ministry part wouldn’t last,” and that calling it the Birmingham Boxing Academy, would allow more people to become involved. They felt that having the word “ministry” meant boxers would have the church poured on them. Thanks to a dear friend of Fight 4 Life, keeping “ministry” in the name suited the non-profit the best.

Boxers are advised when they join, that Fight 4 Life is non-denominational but prayer is present. If a boxer is uncomfortable, they are always welcome to step outside during prayer.

We would never want our boxers to feel uncomfortable. With prayer time,

we talk to our boxers and meet with them wherever they are in their walk

with Christ. Our goal isn’t to run people away but instead to walk with those

seeking change, guidance, and spiritual growth with Jesus. As best stated

by our then 6 year old daughter, Malyka in 2000, "My goals and dreams are

to be a person that enjoys their work, know from the spirit within us our self

worth in God and always be who they are and never ashamed of that." Our

ministry and service to the community is to "Serve, Love, and create lasting

relationships with God through His beloved son Jesus. Our desire is bring

one child, teen or adult at a time closer to God. In life, everyday holds the

possibility of a miracle.

Our Faith and Ministry Service

In case you needed more, Dorothy and Greg had the opportunity to talk to their church in 2012 about what they are doing with their ministry.