Inner city and urban kids at the same time had a way to deal with their anger and tension but more importantly

they learned to create friendships and have a fellowship with Christ.  For three years we worked with Young Life of Alabama. Young Life eventually closed down their urban programs.   But that became another blessing as it opened

the doorway for Fight 4Life to step out on faith in Jesus.   Not knowing where to go, or for the most part where was

the funding going to come from was diffidently a road block for us. This is where you find out, "Do you really trust, believe and have the faith to go."  We were scared but that's when you see God at work. 

After receiving our first donation and becoming a non-profit program on August 19, 2004 the doorway has not

closed to the endless possibilities of were God wants to lead us.  We started the program with 5 kids. From August

to December 2004, it grew to 21 kids and hasn’t stopped growing since. In 2011, we decided to incorporate adults

into the program as well. We asked the adults to help further the ministry by paying gym fees that are used

to offset the cost of the children who don’t have the funds to box in the program. We have seen the way our

program has changed our kids. They want to further their education and make important decisions that will help

them make in today's society . The boxers who have been through our program have changed their attitude, grades

and the graduation rate has gone up. These kids, our children/boxers, want to do good. They just need Love, Encouragement, and some guidance. "We believe every child deserves a fighting chance." Want you decide today

to make a small monthly donation of $25  or whatever you feel lead to give a month in support of the ministry's missions.


Our Story - Fight 4Life

Greg and Dorothy Young started Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry, Inc. fourteen years after making the move

from Orlando, Florida to Birmingham, Alabama. Greg

once a professional boxer, retired a few years before he married Dorothy. It was clear to Coach Greg after moving

to Birmingham that the kids needed a place to work out

their anger and stress.  

Our Story