Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a positive impact in the lives of children, teens and parents by encouraging participants to reject a life of hopelessness and violence and to embrace a life of peace and success with attainable goals.

Our Motto

We believe, “Every child deserves a fighting chance and as a community of ministries fighting for the same cause, we can all make this a possibility for every child seeking a healthy and productive life.”


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Due to Covid-19 we are unable to offer most in person services. Coach Greg is presently offering training services at Round -1 with a limited number of participant due to Covid-19 gym regulation guidelines. For more information contact Coach by cell (205) 567-5707. 

It has been a long and difficult journey in the rebuilding process of the Fight 4Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry center. We are  approximately 55% below the budgeted amount needed to move forward with rebuilding the center facility. Many of you that supported the Fight 4Life Ministry has continued but there are a great number of you that has lost jobs and income. We thank each of you for your continue financial support, we are very hopeful this pandemic will be under control soon.