Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a positive impact in the lives of children, teens and parents by encouraging participants to reject a life of hopelessness and violence and to embrace a life of peace and success with attainable goals.

Our Motto

We believe, “Every child deserves a fighting chance and as a community of ministries fighting for the same cause, we can all make this a possibility for every child seeking a healthy and productive life.”

Fight 4Life uses the fitness and boxing program to instill self discipline, self  confidence and physical fitness through boxing, mentoring, and fellowship services. Using boxing techniques helps youth and young adults deal with anger  issues, stress and tension (how to control their emotions and not allow anger to control them) has  proven to be instrumental in the way participants handle certain life situations. 

Anger is the number one problem among young boys and girls today.

Even as adults defusing anger can be a difficult task. Participants experience and learn techniques that prepare them with the ability to control anger emotions which we all have. Having the ability to turn negative energy into positive energy provides peace of mind; health and fitness for the body, while at the same time relieves stress and tension.

Newsletter, June 2018